Jan Rezab: Imagine Google Buying Twitter #twoogle

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Jim Edwards wrote an article on the rumour of Google buying Twitter after the announcement of their big partnership. Lets leave aside the rumour for now and see what potential impact this would have for the entire industry.

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Google lacks relevancy in real-time events. Their search engine is really way too slow for the real-time world, and lacks the ability to maintain relevancy.

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Example: Google ENGAGE2015, all you will get is the top links for ENGAGE, link to official corporate page, totally boring!


Do exactly the same thing on Twitter, and you will get a much better picture of what is actually happening. Real time photos, real time news on the subject, contextually relevant, organized by the people themselves. Perfect.


Now, Google might want to “borrow” this through a deal with Twitter, but at the same time I am a true believer that ultimately, if Google would want to build a deep integration with search and all of its logic, it would have to acquire Twitter. 

Google would certainly have the money, and with Twitter (TWTR) being valued at $24B at yesterday’s close, even on a premium it could be a bargain for Google compared to the $22B or so Facebook paid for Whatsapp.

So, #twoogle?

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Jan Rezab is the founder, chairman and CEO of Socialbakers, one of the world’s largest social marketing and analytics firms, with over 2,500 clients – including half of the Global Fortune 500. Jan is also well known for his thought leadership on the trends, future, and societal impact of social media.

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