Umm… Do I Still Need A Facebook Page?

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Yes, I admit it. The title of this article is wholly contrived for SEO purposes. Because this is what you frantic, panicked people keep Googling! But now, my freaked-out friends, you have landed upon an article that may actually help you.

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Um, Yes. Of course. Your business still needs a Facebook Page. You know that. You know that 74% of all online adults interact with Facebook. You know that number goes up to 89% when we’re talking about online adults with more than their allowance in their wallet. And you know that these numbers are already 18 months old.

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You know that you need a Page to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. And that FB advertising is growing faster than your toddler’s imaginary frog-friend that “lives in the bathtub” for a very good reason.

So, no, this is not really the question you really want to ask, is it? Nah, I didn’t think so. You can stop blushing – I’m going to lay this out all easy-like.

No, your Facebook page isn’t performing as it once did. No, it is no longer your Zuckerberg-given right to reach your fans for free. Those of you who think it still should be can quietly close the tab now, because … just wow.

The tale of that golden age of free, global exposure is something you can blow your kids’ minds with some day. Yeah, that’s now your grandpa-version of graduating college with a job. Accept it, so you can move on and keep up. Alright. So what CAN you still do with your Facebook Page? Besides, y’know, open an Ad Account. Which you should also totally do.

But, first stop flipping out. Just take a breath. Try this instead.

Think of your Facebook Page now as your digital business card. Go ahead, Google yourself or your business name. But clear your cache first, because regular people don’t begin to google you as much as you do, okay?

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You’ve got a few options in the results here – and most of them at the top are social. Put yourself in your customers’ googling shoes, now. No, they don’t click on your LinkedIn profile – that’s for your colleagues. Okay, 23% of them might potentially click on your Twitter profile. But they won’t learn a lot about you there, will they?

No, for your website, phone number, hours, email address, reviews, and just a general freakin’ impression of what you’re about, they’re gonna click on the Facebook link.

In fact, I’d Vegas-wager that more people will see your Facebook Page than EVER see your website. Heady, right? Okay, we’re all on the same 21st century social networking page, so NOW what do you want to do with that page “nobody ever sees?”

That’s right. You want to nurture and weed that baby like it’s the last vegetable garden left in the world and your life depends upon it. Even if you never see a single like.

Fill out ALL of the contact info. Yes, all of it. Yes, even your phone number. It’s a virtual business card, remember?

LINK your FB page from your personal profile. Why do so many people neglect to do this? It makes my head spin!

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Keep it up-to-date. What’s up-to-date? Every day, y’all. For real? Yes. And none of that “posted via Buffer,” “auto-linked from Instagram with 22 hashtags” stuff. If you’re going to be on Facebook, be ON Facebook. Yes, of course, your customers can tell the difference! This is social media, okay? You wouldn’t phone in a recorded video to your Skype meeting, right? Right.

Your business isn’t separate from you in life, and it’s not separate from you online. Share from your Page to your personal profile. Share from your personal profile to your Page. Facebook is a backyard barbecue, not a black-tie affair. Put the cufflinks down. Share the funny. Share the serious. Just share what’s amusing or important to you.

And for the love of all things social, can you take just a couple seconds to like ALL 2 of your comments and respond to the ones that warrant it?

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This is NOT rocket science, I promise! An active, tended page simply tells your people and looky-loos alike that you are indeed still in business, that you understand people use social media, and that you care about that.

So, no, your Facebook Page isn’t dead. Its purpose has changed. Now you can stop chasing those “likes” and get back to the real work of social media. In fact, try this.

Speak Human, Win The Internet.

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