Discover Nine, A Mobile Matchmaking App For Instagrammers

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You may have come across #2015BestNine towards the end of last year. It was a trending hashtag, but also the result of an app that let you pull out your 9 most liked Instagram photos, and share them as a collage on your Instagram account. It went viral as about 15 million users took on the trend and shared their “best nine,” including celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Michelle Obama or even Donald Trump.

In fact, it was so successful, that Lip, the Tokyo-based Japanese startup behind the campaign, decided to launch Nine, a new mobile matchmaking app for Instagrammers.

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Lip already had a background in matchmaking with apps like Lemon and 5pm which have known wide success, in Japan at least.

Nine is a matchmaking app too. It is very similar to Tinder, except that it focuses on what people share on Instagram, rather than letting them build up a profile from scratch. The app curates your top nine Instagram photos from the past year, and uses the collage as your only profile picture.

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How It Works

Nine works the same way Tinder does: Swipe right to like, swipe left to ignore. If both you and the other user “swipe right”, it’s a match – and you can start chatting.

  1. Log in with your Instagram account.
  2. Nine will show you other Instagrammers. Each profile has a 3×3 photo array.
  3. Swipe your finger to the right to like. Don’t worry, your swipes are anonymous!
  4. If both you and the other person like each other, you can start chatting about your best nine photos or anything else that you like.

Thanks to the successful results of the #2015BestNine campaign, Nine has already acquired over 130,000 users worldwide.

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I really think it is a great idea. Not only because Instagram is a great way to learn more about a person, but also because it might protect us from seeing the type of “over 18” pictures one might come across on Tinder…

What do YOU think of Nine? Will you download and use it?

Get Nine on your phone now:


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