See How You Can Login to Instagram with Multiple Accounts

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If you’re working on multiple Instagram accounts, you probably find it really annoying having to constantly log out of one account to access another. This doesn’t have to be the case though. You can switch between different Instagram accounts with a lot of ease, with a simple iPhone jailbreak called igSpeedster.

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Sure, I know many of you will be thinking “Ugh… I have to jailbreak my phone for this?” Well, I know it’s a tough one to bear, but if you’re a very busy social media manager or use more than three or four Instagram accounts on a daily basis, this might actually be the easiest thing you can do, instead of constantly logging in and out of accounts. Just imagine all the time you would be wasting doing this!

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What igSpeedster actually does, is creating a connection with the Instagram app, that will allow you to have a little more freedom with it. It doesn’t ONLY allow you to switch accounts though. Some other features include:

  1. Showing more specific timestamp on posts
  2. Ability to copy/paste captions
  3. Ability to click links in profiles
  4. Create new accounts
  5. Reposting in app

Have a look at the video below, for more details

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