Why The Best Facebook Video Ads Are Silent

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Remember those very early movies back in the 1920’s? There was no sound recording back then, so it was all about the acting, and all about the image of course.

In a recent audience ratings report, Facebook has revealed that the same now applies to video ads: silent videos are the best.

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Surprising right? Well think about it: Jean Dujardin – the French actor – only won one Oscar in his career, and it was for his role in “The Artist”, the first silent movie to be produced in many decades.

Facebook has just released a new set of updated features and guidelines for advertisers, to better capture attention. One of the major findings is that videos that do not depend on sound, are actually much more successful at getting users engaged.

In fact, the research shows that sound can actually work against your video. If sound starts playing loudly when people are not expecting it, 4 out 5 viewers will react negatively towards both the platform and the advertiser! To this extent, Facebook wants you to understand that your video should not rely on sound. And the platform is about to unveil a tool that will allow advertisers to opt in for automatic captions.

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Another great tip coming out from this research, is that your video needs to engage the viewer’s attention from the very beginning. The research actually explained that the value of your video should be delivered within the first 10 seconds, with the first 3 seconds being the most important. And to do so, Facebook explains that the image (thumbnail) you use to share your video on the platform is what is the most important.

Finally, Facebook announced that 4 out of 10 videos on its platform today do not make sense without the audio. So, this shows you the potential for you to make a difference.

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