The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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If you still had doubts, this week may have settled them: Facebook is the leading social media platform and it will probably stay so for years to come. Not only does Facebook count the largest number of users worldwide by far, a recent survey from eMarketer is showing us how Facebook is also the most effective advertising platform. Surprising? Not really.

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And as we look into it, guess what? Images are still the best medium to engage users, while videos will help you gain more reach on Facebook. Now that we have said that, does it come as a surprise that the latest standalone app released by Instagram is a… video app?

Boomerang is announced as a revolution. The 1 sec. forward/backward looping video app is coming with a strong message: it wants to replace GIFs and selfies! Will it succeed?

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-ooh-billboard-ad-friends Facebook Is The Most Effective Advertising Platform – eMarketer asked top executives from 29 companies to grade the “Big Three” social media platforms – FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter – and the “New Three” – InstagramPinterest and Snapchat on a variety of characteristics.
wersm-boomerang-feature Forget GIFs! Are You Ready To Boomerang? -You like sharing GIFs? Maybe you even like making your own. But guess what? GIFs are so 2014! Tomorrow, everyone will Boomerang! The new standalone app from Instagram – the third after Hyperlapse and Layout will “let you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.”
wersm-use-videos-for-reach-images-for-engagement-on-facebook Use Videos For Reach And Images For Engagement On Facebook – If you don’t test different content-types all the time, figuring out what reaps the best results is a bit of a guessing game. Well, the numbers are in, and according to Locowisephotos bring engagement, whereas videos bring reach.
wersm-thumb-up-waynes-world It’s Now Easier To Like And Comment As Your Facebook Page – Remember how a few months ago we told you you could now switch easily between your own profile and your page when replying or liking comments on your page? Well, now it seems that you can do so almost anywhere on Facebook!
wersm-pablo-buffer-social-media-images Pablo 2.0: Ideal Image Sizes For Most Social Networks – The new Pablo outputs three dimensions that are perfect for posting in Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedInTall & vertical for Pinterest and Google+, Short & horizontal for Twitter and Facebook, and as square for Instagram and LinkedIn.

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