The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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There are among us but we should not fear them, we should use them to engage even more: Yes, I am talking about “Negative” comments on social media. They are part of social media and this week we looked into how they should be handled.

On other news, we had confirmation that Facebook is indeed getting ready to launch #FacebookAtWork and also that the largest social network loves the big advertising spenders… Yes, we are talking big perks for big advertisers!

Add the story of Stacey Ferreira and her $1m tweet and you have this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media!

wersm-homer-simpson-confused How To Handle Negative Comments on Social Media – Social media encourages discussion and has become the destination where we search for products, services and brands or just speak our mind. So don’t freak out when someone leaves a negative comment, use it to engage!
wersm-facebook-at-work- New Details About Facebook’s Professional Network – Last week we reported about the new project that Facebook‘s been developing and could possibly compete with LinkedIn. This project is about a new professional social network that will allow users that belong in the same organization to collaborate and chat.
desk iphone notepad coffee 8 Steps To Perform A Social Media Audit – As social media professionals one of the most important activities we can do, is an audit. A social media audit gives you a lot more valuable and actionable information, and can certainly help you assess the success of your every day activities.
How To Make $1M From A Tweet – We recently got to meet Stacey Ferreira – Co Founder of MySocialCloud2 Billion Under 20, and AdMoar. We had been looking forward to meeting her to talk to her about her “$1m Tweet” success story.
Facebook Gives Big Spenders Exclusive Information – We’ve known for a while now that Facebook offers certain perks to advertisers who spend over certain limits, and other perks to those who spend more. But, we weren’t expecting Grapevine, a special Facebook program for big spenders.

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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