This Is How You Should Be Doing Digital Marketing in 2015

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It’s 2015 and you’re no longer asking yourself if you should be using digital marketing for your brand. What you are still asking yourself though is what you should actually be doing when marketing your brand online. Platforms evolve, techniques improve and so should your marketing strategy.

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For 2015, our bet is that three digital marketing techniques will really help you make the difference for your brand: email marketing, social media, and ORM (Online Reputation Management).

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The nice guys over at Brand Muscle have combined some very interesting stats about those 3 techniques into one cool infographic. Here is what’s important to remember

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing has a very high ROI (4,300%) and a very large penetration among population (91% of consumers check email daily), so it’s no wonder it remains a high performer. In fact, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.

So show some love to your email list. Give your online consumers a reason to subscribe to your list, make it easy to do so and make sure your emails are mobile friendly (48% of emails are now open on mobile devices.)

2. Social Media Marketing

With 74% of online users now having accounts on social media platforms, it has become impossible to ignore the power of social to drive sales. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are already serioulsy looking into developing shopping features as they already are the biggest referrers to online stores.

Make sure your social media accounts are kept updated and post highly engaging content that will generate views, interactions and clicks to your website.

3. Online Reputation Management

Peer recommendation has become one of the most important drive when it comes to make a purchase. Your online reputation is the key to a successful business nowadays as more than 70% of consumers trust online reviews and personal recommendation more than brand messages.

In this age of information, a good review can boost your sales, but an unhappy consumer could also cause a dramatic loss of business if not taken care of rapidly. This is even more important when you realise that 95% of unhappy consumers will do business with you again if their issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

Monitoring the reputation of your brand and listening to your consumers online will ultimately help you gain trust and increase revenue.

Now check out the full infographic from Brand Muscle:

3 Digital Marketing Techniques You Should Adopt in 2015

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