The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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I did not want to talk about it. But I could not avoid it either. Horrible things have happened this week. I thought about it a lot, and the only obvious thing I wanted to share is love. Maybe this way we can make this world a better place. And it can start with a simple hug. So why don’t you hug someone before reading this?

Facebook is the leading social media platform out there, and believe me, it will not let anyone take its place. It’s like the company announces something new every week, keeping the competition far behind, or sometimes simply copying their best features.

This week Facebook announced that 360-video is now working on all platforms (Android, iOS and web – if you use Google Chrome) and that it is even available for video ads now. Talking about ads, there is a new objective: lead ads, and they are quite awesome. Finally, Facebook took a hit on Snapchat, by rolling out self-destructive messages for its Messenger app. Oh, and Facebook finally launched its breaking news app too. Busy week you say?

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So did Facebook leave any space for other news this week? Not really. But still, we found that awesome campaign that Huawei did in France. It might simply be the best ever creative campaign on Snapchat. Look it up.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-messenger-jean Facebook Messenger Is Testing Self-Destructive Messages – It’s not a secret, Facebook has always had an eye on Snapchat. So when Messenger is testing self-destructive messages, it is easy to see how this is a direct hit at the number #1 ephemeral platform.
wersm-hashtag-power-vintage Learning From The Best Branded Hashtags Of 2015 – Many brands have caught on to the exciting branded hashtag game in the past year. With hashtags being able to connect conversations that brands are having with their fans, and ones that fans are having with each other – and brands, it’s easy to see why they’re important.
wersm-facebook-rolls-out-360-video-to-ads-and-ios Facebook Rolls Out 360 Video To Ads And iOS – Anyone else out there think that 360 video is the next best thing after sliced bread? Well, I think it is. And Facebook is banking on it. Not that long ago, the company launched 360 video on Android and desktop. Now, it’s time for 360 video in Ads and iOS.
wersm-what-are-facebook-lead-ads-and-why-you-should-use-them What Are Facebook Lead Ads And Why You Should Use Them – You might have noticed a new campaign objective for your Facebook Ads on the Power Editor recently, called Lead Ads. You may have already also wondered, what they are and why should you care. Well, if you haven’t already investigated, this is where you should continue reading.
wersm-snapchatrun-featured Huawei Launched The First Finger Race On Snapchat – Even though Snapchat is fast growing in popularity, it remains rare to see a brand launch a proper creative campaign on the platform. Taco Bell had some fun, but it is Huawei that will be remembered as the first real creative use of Snapchat.

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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