The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Everyone is talking about it, Twitter ditched the Fav button and replaced it with a… LIKE! Yes, a LIKE! Zuckerberg must be smiling. So ok, the Twitter LIKE is “just a heart” and not a thumb-up, but still, does anyone here thinks this was not an attempt to make Twitter more mainstream?

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However, it is Instagram that made the most headlines this week. The company is going big on ads. This week, Instagram introduced “objectives for ads” which is a way to get your ads to perform better, whatever your goals are: click to website, awareness, gain followers….

Oh, and Facebook is about to launch Notify this week. Yet another standalone app.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-twitter-heart-like-favourite-star Twitter Says Goodbye To The Fav Button – After many years of impeccable service, Twitter has retired the favourite button. Yes, the ⭐ is gone. Instead, Twitter is going mainstream, replacing it with a ‘Like’ button, in the form of a ♥️…. Zuckerberg must be smiling.
How To Design The Perfect Instagram Ad – Now that everyone on the planet has access to Instagram ads, it will be getting harder and harder to be noticed. Well, not everyone. Brands like Levis or Ben & Jerry’s have become experts at sharing the right photos on the platform and for generating tons of engagement, day after day, ad after ad.
wersm-breaking-news-facebook-anchorman Facebook Is About To Launch Notify, Its #BreakingNews App – Back in August we reported that Facebook was working on a Breaking News app. Well, it seems like it is ready and about to go live as early as next week. Its name: Notify.
wersm-now-you-can-drive-more-important-objectives-with-instagram-ads Now You Can Drive More Important Objectives With Instagram Ads Instagram is on a roll lately, launching a bunch of new ad products, making it a lot easier for businesses all over the world, to run campaigns on the platform. Now, Instagram has updated its ads offering, allowing advertisers to drive a wider range of objectives than ever.
wersm-instagram-curated-video-content-featured Instagram Wants To Be (A Bit) More Like Snapchat – There has already been a little confusion between Facebook and Twitter both having an app or feature called Moments (although each does a very different thing) and Snapchat’s Live Stories. Now, it seems that Instagram has also got a bit jealous too, and could be rolling out its own version of curated content libraries.

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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