Instagram Adds Vertical Video And Photo Ad Formats

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Ever since ads were made available on Instagram, the company has been trying hard to provide the best ads experience for users, and the best results for advertisers. And now, Instagram is adding a brand new ad format that will surely make a difference – vertical photo and video ads.

Advertisers will now be able to advertise on Instagram using a vertical video and image format up to 4:5 in aspect ratio. This ensures that users can get the most out of the ads experience, without having to turn their device sideways. The new format will start running on Instagram as of the beginning of this week.

In an Instagram for Business blog post announcing the new ad format, the company explained that

Portrait has long been available on the platform for posts, and is a common format for consuming mobile content. Knowing this, we wanted to give advertisers everywhere greater creative flexibility by bringing the vertical format to Instagram ads.

It’s clear, and doesn’t need any explanation, that the vertical ad format provides more space for advertisers to express themselves creatively. It  also gets better view rates. This may be the case, however all advertisers need to test different formats to find the one that drives the most value for them. As Instagram says, it all depends on what “works best for the story you want to tell.”


Advertisers like Mulberry, Guaraná Antarctica and LG USA are already using the new format.

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