This Is How Content Boosts Your Sales

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Are you thinking about running a big budget on social ads in order to generate leads? Spending too much time on finding the perfect call-to-action that will bring more clicks to your website? No matter how much time spend and how many tracking pixels you add on your pages, if your content doesn’t support your product, then sales won’t happen.

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More and more, people are turning to social media for buying decisions. First of all, the content a brand publishes has to be interesting and impeccable so as to gather social signals, interest and spark conversations. However, brands should not forget that user-generated content is far more revealing about a brand’s reputation.

So, how can businesses leverage social content in order to drive sales? The guys at Offerpop have created this infographic that will help you find your way.

Key Points to Take Away:

  • – The current snapshot of social content includes more than 350 million daily photo uploads on Facebook, 500 million daily tweets and, 55 million daily photo uploads on Instagram. This is a lot of content!
  • – Invite users to generate their authentic, unique content through a competition. Users that generate content referring to a brand create the best word-of-mouth campaign you could have.
  • – By including a sign-up form in their contests, brands can associate user-generated content with specific demographics, which then leads to customised promotion and sales experience.
  • – Brands that share user generated content tend to gather more engagement.

How would you use content to drive sales?


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