Instagram Gets A New Twitter-Like Search Feature

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Do you usually follow people who have followed you on Instagram?

Twitter has always made it clear if someone is following you. Whether you come across a username through search or visit their profile, Twitter always mentions if you are being followed by that person. And this is very useful, right?

Well, it seems Instagram also finds it to be useful as the platform has started testing a new search feature that lets you see if a user is following you or someone you know.

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With the new feature, Instagram search now lets you know whether someone you follow is also following you and or if they are connected to someone you already follow.

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The new feature was spotted by Anthony Quintano from Honolulu, Hawaii:

The new search feature also highlights users with large followings and users who are verified. This is no doubt a great add-on for marketers using Instagram to identify potential influencers.

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It may not be a huge update to Instagram, but it will no doubt result into more people getting connected as users are more likely to follow users who are connected with other people they already follow. Add to that the huge positive aspect for brands and marketers looking to identify influential profiles, and you have a very useful add-on.

Not all users will see the updated search feature at this stage as Instagram has confirmed this is currently a test run among selected users.

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