Ikea Built A Real Website Inside Instagram

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Instagram is certainly getting some love from marketers lately. It might because other platforms are now considered too “mainstream” or it might be because Instagram is getting so cool, who knows?

The truth is, however, that anything that was done on Instagram up to now was either a photo contest or an artistic project. Up to now, because Instinct, a creative agency from Russia, took it to a whole new level for an IKEA campaign: they built a website inside Instagram!

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IKEA wanted to push its rather odd (even for the brand) PS 2014 collection in Russia. And Instinct thought Instagram was the best platform to do so, because it was still “cool” and because it allowed just the right interaction with followers. But they still needed to find a way to push the whole of the collection and keep it easy for users to navigate from product to product. So they built a website inside Instagram.

If you visit the Instagram account Ikea_PS_2014 from your smartphone (the layout won’t work from a desktop, but that’s ok who uses Instagram on web browser anyway?), you will come across a “website” consisting of 12 images.

The account acts as an interactive catalog, divided into Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles, and Ideas. Each image is filled with tags which link to the corresponding “content” of the “website”. So by clicking through to view any of these images, you will be able to link to separate pages with more information on each product, all similarly arranged to resemble catalog pages.

It seems like a very cool idea. Even if this campaign will not impact sales directly because of Instagram limitations (no web links), it will no doubt bring a lot of awareness for the brand and the specific collection.

Here is a video:

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