How To Increase Instagram Engagement By 182% [Infographic]

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Instagram is huge! It’s getting bigger all the time, and no matter how you  it there’s no doubt that it’s one of the fastest-growing social networks in the last few years. There are many different ways to integrate Instagram‘s capabilities in any of your social campaigns and that’s a great thing because of the amount of engagement that it generates for individuals, brands or organisations if used correctly.

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Many of you have already experimented with Instagram on a personal level, and have found how easy it is to generate cool content and how easy it is to make it travel. But chances are, only few of you have also used it for your brand’s activities on social media.

Take an opportunity to rethink things and give Instagram a closer look. The infographic we found for you today from Quicksprout, will help you on your discovery. As an added bonus you can find out how to increase your Instagram engagement rate by over 180%. Not bad, right? Take a look!

10 Key Points to Take Away:

  1. Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform with over 200 million users
  2. It commands 15x more user engagement than Facebook and 40x more user engagement than Twitter
  3. It currently has a whopping 350% growth in brand engagement year over year
  4. Instagram increases your engagement on other platforms as well! Nearly 100% in some cases!
  5. Get +38% engagement for images with faces
  6. Add +30% engagement for images showing people using products
  7. Gain +24% for using light images vs dark ones
  8. Use hashtags but do not overdo them. You lose engagement after the 6th hashtag
  9. Post regularly and in a timely way
  10. Drive traffic to Instagram from other platforms! Promote your account.




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