Facebook Extends its Remarketing Services

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Facebook keeps on doing more for businesses, probably in a way to ensure they will not look somewhere else for better solutions. Not only Facebook is once again the number 1 social media for web traffic referral, it just released new features to help marketers reach people across all devices and encourage them to take action.

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Custom Audiences now allows businesses to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their website or even their mobile app. And on top of that, some News Feed ads will now offer the possibility to feature enhanced call-to-action buttons.

Remarketing – How it works

The whole system is built around tracking pixels. Facebook will provide you with a remarketing pixel that you will insert in your website, your Facebook app or any third-party SDK mobile app. Then, with custom audiences, you will be able to target the people who took action on your site or app. Once set, you will then be able to deliver featured ads based on the actions the users actually took on your site or app.

The following mobile screenshot shows how marketers can now create a Page post ad driving traffic to their desktop or mobile website and getting an option to add a call-to-action button in the lower right-hand corner of the ad which they can choose among five pre-defined types: Shop Now, Learn MoreSign UpBook Now and Download.


Facebook offers two examples of how businesses could use these features (available from Power Editor, Ads Manager, through PMDs, and via the API):

  • – A travel website with the remarketing pixel could use Custom Audiences to reach a group of people — say, people that searched for flights but never made a reservation — with a targeted message in News Feed: Come back for 10% off your next flight reservation.
  • – A retailer could build retargeting campaigns by installing the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app and target people on mobile or desktop, encouraging them to come back and purchase the items left in their shopping cart.

Remarketing (first launched by Google) seem to be the future of digital advertising. What do you think?

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