Facebook and Marketers – The Love Story Continues in 2014

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It has become very common to hear people who claim they will leave Facebook, or marketers who claim they will not use Facebook anymore. Some will say it is become it has become too mainstream, others that Facebook had become a pay-per-view medium.

The truth however, is that people and marketers will keep on being on Facebook this year, and probably for many after that.

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The following infographic brom SociallyStacked shows how, despite what one can hear, Marketers intend to use Facebook in 2014, the very same way they used it in 2013… and here is why:

  • – 85% of marketers will still organize contests on Facebook
  • – 80% of page admins will still use Facebook apps
  • – 87% of marketers claim they will invest even more time on Facebook


What about you then? Do you intend to use Facebook more or less for your business? Do you have in mind to do something completely different on the social network this year?

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