Burger King Creates The Biggest Virtual Burger On Instagram

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Burger King is definitely a very creative and active brand on social media. A few months ago, they launched the Burger King Motel, inviting the people of NZ to cheat on the Whopper. Now, to celebrate the launch of their Instagram account, Burger King France created the world’s biggest virtual burger.

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Burger King likes to make impressions, good ones that is. So when its French franchise opens an Instagram account, they do it the “big” way.

Partnering with French digital agency Buzzman, they decided to create the world’s biggest virtual burger on Instagram. How did they do it? Simple – by posting over 90 pictures of burger parts which create the illusion of a giant Whopper on their Instagram timeline (to appreciate it, check it on mobile not desktop).

Here is a preview for you:


I love this original idea from Buzzman. Instagram is really gaining in popularity among creatives and I cannot wait to see what will be done next.

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