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How about a game of basketball? Facebook Messenger “broke the Internet” this week with the news of a hidden basketball game in the messaging app rapidly spreading on the web. It’s not an amazing game, the graphics are poor, but it is very engaging! And more than anything else, we believe this is an unspoken test Facebook is conducting to prepare the grounds for what will come next on its messaging platform.

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One by one platforms are moving away from using chronological feeds. And this actually could be a good thing: because only great engaging content will stay on top of our timelines, it will make brands work harder for it, and ultimately, it will improve the quality of the content they share.

Attention is the new social currency. Forget reach and other vanity metrics, capturing your audience’s attention is what it is all about. It’s how you can convert your message, build awareness for your brand. Because social media is so cluttered nowadays, you really need to make sure your audience is “looking” at you.

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So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-basketball-game-facebook-messenger Facebook Messenger Now Comes With… A Game Of Basketball – If you’ve used Facebook Messenger these past couple of days, you may have noticed that it has became a little bit more bouncy. That’s right, Messenger has silently added a new game that allows you to play basketball inside the app on mobile.
wersm-instagram-painting-creativity 10 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Visual Creativity – Over the last few years, Instagram has become the social network of reference for photographers, graphic designers, and other visual creatives. Today, it is a great platform to find inspiration, and some accounts are especially good at boosting our visual creativity.
wersm-dr-who-tardis-police-box-chronological-timeline The Real Reason Why Social Platforms are Moving Away From A Chronological Feed – One by one, social platforms are moving away from chronological timelines. Facebook made the move a long time ago, but more recently similar announcements from both Twitter and Instagram, have made the web react.
wersm-how-instagram-made-a-simple-change-that-made-a-big-difference How Instagram Made A Simple Change That Made A Big Difference – Despite the massive popularity of Instagram, and the app’s stellar growth, engagement on the platform has fallen a lot in the last year. Like all apps, it needs to be optimised from time to time, to improve it’s performance and offer its users a better experience.
wersm-capturing-attention 7 Triggers To Capture Attention On Social Media And In Everyday Life Attention is the new social media currency. Forget views, impressions, and other vanity metrics – what you really need to do is capture attention, and make sure people see your message, so they can engage with it. With the announced end of chronological timelines, this is becoming more important than ever.

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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