Snapchat Is Catching Up To Facebook’s Video Views

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Facebook video was huge in 2015, and is expected to grow even bigger this year. However, it’s not alone. The social network has another contender for the top spot, and it’s called Snapchat.

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According to Business Insider, Snapchat users are responsible for 7 billion video clip views every day, 350% up from March’s 2 billion views. Impressive results, indeed, given that Facebook only reported 8 billion video views in November.

The reasons behind this surge, are multidimensional. First of all, Snapchat’s further development of Stories and Local Stories spinoffs, helped users discover video content from other users nearby. Moreover, the introduction of Discover, the content discovery feature, which features curated and editorial media, facilitated the increase of video views on the platform. 

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Subsequently, brand onboarding attracted more users. And, on a lighter note, if new users are anything like me, it must have taken them many video views to understand what the platform is all about.

What’s interesting though, is that Snapchat still only has a fraction of Facebook’s total users. With fewer than 200 million users, 20% of Facebook’s over 1 billion-plus users, Snapchat scores almost the same video views as the mother of all social networks.

Facebook… Better take notes!

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