Posting On Social Media: The Facts

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Posting updates on social media can be a tricky business and all social media managers know this very well. It’s not just about hitting the “Post” button; there’s a whole science involved behind this.

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The first step is to know when your target audience is active. This way you increase the chances of being liked, shared and eventually discovered by new followers. However, the balance between posting just enough and too much is fragile.

The team behind SetupABlogToday have run an intensive study over the past 5 years and have authored this uber insightful infographic that will help you in getting the most bang from every tweet, blog post, video, pin or status update.

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Key Points To Take Away

  • – The ideal number of (organic) tweets per day is only… 3. However, given that the average lifespan of a tweet is only 24 minutes, it’s crucial you re-iterate the same message in various times of the day.
  • – According to Google+ expert Mark Traphage, 3 posts per day from Monday to Thursday and between 9 am and 10 am can yield some really impressive results. We may add here that engaging in conversation in Google+ communities is also really important – after all it’s all about conversation!
  • Facebook is saturated, so keeping a healthy 2 posts per day rate will help you maintain your audience’s interest unaffected, according to Social Bakers.
  • 5 pins per day during weekend is a good start to a great audience growth on Pinterest. Working hours are a no-no – there’s no need to procrastinate during office hours!
  • Go with two images per day on Instagram. Make sure they’re absolutely awesome and you could possibly increase your posting frequency to 10 times/day without negative impact.
  •  – Best time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday to Thursday, just before leaving the office. Keep it brief; 1 update is more than enough.
  • – With the rise of content marketing, going without a blog is not an option. Start with 2 posts per week and make sure they have original, useful, interesting content. Don’t postpone it for later.

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