Now You Can Drive More Important Objectives With Instagram Ads

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Instagram is on a roll lately, launching a bunch of new ad products, making it a lot easier for businesses all over the world, to run campaigns on the platform. Now, Instagram has updated its ads offering, allowing advertisers to drive a wider range of objectives than ever.

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Instagram announced that it is now giving advertisers “a wider range of objectives” for its ads products – from the ability to run brand campaigns that are broader, aim at awareness and are “optimised for reach and frequency” all the way to performance campaigns that are optimised for conversions.


Instagram ads can deliver on driving mass awareness, but now that advertisers will be able to “buy against reach & frequency”, managing how many people see their ads (and how often) gives them another level of control.

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Advertisers can now manage both reach and frequency across both Facebook and Instagram, and working with the same metrics does seem like a good idea. This is also very handy, in that advertisers will be able to increase the efficiency of their ad delivery, targeting audiences that are more likely to convert, across both platforms.


Instagram has found that carousel ads do perform better (up to 58% higher lift in conversion rate in some cases) so it is giving advertisers the opportunity to buy carousel ads through the self serve interfaces – the Ads API, Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager. In fact, all of Instagram’s ads are now also available through the Ads Manager. For smaller businesses, this is good news, as the Ads Manager might be an easier tool for them to use.

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