Looking for Higher Brand Engagement? Check YouTube!

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If you are looking to get higher engagement rate for your brand on social media, it might be time you seriously consider doing more on YouTube.

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With organic reach for Facebook pages hitting a record low, many marketers are starting to doubt the effectiveness of doing so much on Facebook.

Truth is that Facebook has been hard at work to update its algorithm again and again lately, and almost each time, it resulted in decreasing the organic reach for pages.

So what can you do? Well Brendan Gahan suggests you don’t spend so much time trying to find the solution within Facebook, and maybe start considering putting more effort into promoting your brand on YouTube.

As you can see from his infographic, top brands get almost 20 times more engagement on YouTube than on Facebook, despite having just about the same number of monthly active users,

Here is the full infographic prepared by Brendan.


Do you think YouTube could be a winning solution for your business? Have you tried marketing your products via video before? We would love to hear from you, so share your experience! :)

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