Is Facebook Developing Healthcare Features?

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According to reports from Reuters, Facebook is allegedly plotting to launch healthcare related apps and features. This comes as no surprise, as the social network pretty much knows many things about our whereabouts, hobbies and lifestyle.

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Three sources, that wish to remain anonymous, are claiming that Facebook has been conducting meetings with medical experts and entrepreneurs for the past months and that it is creating an R&D business unit to develop and test new health apps.

Apart from this, Facebook is also focusing on creating support communities for people who suffer from certain conditions. In addition, there are thoughts about developing ‘preventive’ apps that will help users improve their lifestyle and advise them on diseases that derive from bad health choices.

However, there are a few obstacles that come with this initiative, with surging privacy concerns being the most important. Facebook is considering launching the new apps with different name to avoid possible law infringements. Others claim that the alleviation of the strict real-name policy may have something to do with this latest developments. In addition, Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, may act as a Trojan horse for the roll-out of the new healthcare apps.

Earlier this year, both Apple and Google announced its plans to enter into healthcare, with Apple Watch and Google Fit.

Would you use Facebook‘s healthcare apps?

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