Instagram Stories Ads Are Now Available To Everyone Globally

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You have been warned: this is the sexiest new ad format. Instagram Stories ads are now available to all businesses, globally.

Instagram Stories is not only the newest feature, it’s also the home of the “sexiest” new ad format. Instagram Stories ads have been available to a few selected partners since January, and all agree that their impact has been monumental.

The new Instagram Stories ads let you use the targeting and reach capabilities that we’ve all come to love. Yes, Instagram is owned by Facebook, and that makes all the difference, if you compare to other similar platforms. Snapchat for example. On Instagram Stories, your ads become relevant to the people you want to reach – simply because you are able to target them so well.

Airbnb has been using Instagram Stories ads for a couple of months now. They ran a series of 15-second video ads to build awareness and buzz around experiences on Airbnb. With its Stories campaign, Airbnb claims it saw a double digit point increase in ad recall – a surprisingly high number! The company also saw a significant lift in brand recognition – measured through a Facebook brand lift study.


Well, Instagram Stories ads are now available for your business as well. Anyone across the planet can now start running ads in Stories through Marketing API, Power Editor and Ads Manager and optimised for reach, at least for the time being.

Instagram will expand availability to more advertising objectives over the coming months: video views, website clicks, website conversions and mobile app installs / mobile app engagements. Furthermore, Instagram is also planning to introduce the ability to add links to ads in Stories. A whole new world!

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