How Effective Are Hashtags on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With just a few years being around, hashtags are relatively new but nobody can afford to disregard them.

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The first hashtags appeared on Twitter and slowly but surely, other social networks started to allow hashtags as well. And they were right to do so: hashtags are a simple yet efficient way to discuss absolutely everything, from politics to sports to TV shows and everything in between. Sometimes, social media reactions are much more thrilling than the actual thing!

How hashtags came to life on Twitter!

While most of the major social networks support hashtags, you don’t want to use them evenly. Studies demonstrated that two hashtags will reward you the most on Twitter, whereas using many is the way to go on Instagram. The infographic below, from the good folks at QuickSprout, breakdowns your hashtags etiquette on social media.

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Key Takeaways

  • – Tweets with hashtags have 2 times more chance to generate engagement.
  • – You have 55% higher chance to earn a retweet if you use 1 hashtag or more.
  • – Hashtags on Instagram? The more, the merrier!
  • – While hashtags on Facebook had a slow start, they’re catching up now.
  • – On Google+, hashtags are generated automatically but feel free to add your owns!


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