How Can Marketers Use Twitter’s Group Messages?

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On one of its numerous updates that saw the light these weeks, there’s one that caught our attention: Twitter‘s update brought group direct messages to its users. While this could be really useful for those who want to communicate with their peers via Twitter, we can’t help but think that there are several other apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) that offer identical services. So why all this fuss?

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Is Twitter trying to take down all the other messaging apps? That could be true, but there’s an interesting twist in this story: Group messaging can be a huge opportunity for marketers, if used correctly (read no spamming). How is this possible? In the following lines you will find 3 basic ideas to kick off your strategy.

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Notify your followers

With group messages you can communicate with your followers much more easier and faster. This can prove extremely useful in case you have organised a competition on your Twitter account and want to inform the winners about their prize. In addition, you could use it for welcoming and thanking your new followers and introducing them to your brand.

Request feedback

By now you may have identified which are your core followers that follow your brand and interact with it no matter what. Advocates are an important part of your social media strategy and should be rewarded for their loyalty. Why not giving them a sneak peek regarding a new product or service? Not only does this show acknowledgement, but it can also prove extremely insightful. By giving your loyal followers a glimpse of your upcoming service, you can expect to receive valuable feedback.

Engage in 3-way conversations

Group messages are a great way to help your followers find what they’re looking for. If your organisation does not offer a certain product or service, you can always refer them to the relevant provider. Sounds tricky? Well, consider that you will offer advice to your followers and you will point out the appropriate solution. Result? Loyalty.

However, don’t abuse this functionality. Group messages should be used as a complimentary means to your strategy and not as a weapon of mass promotion. Keep it simple and smart and you’ll see the benefits.

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