Google+ Is Dead. Long Live Google “Photos and Streams”

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It looks like this is the end for Google+ as we know it. Rumours were confirmed today by the most official lips Google product VP Bradley Horowitz – that the social network will be transformed into two separate products: Photos and Streams.

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What does this mean for avid users of Google+? It means that Google is focusing on two main characteristics of the social network: images and communities. These two features were the ones who made Google+ popular and useful among the members of its platform, so it only seems logical that Google wants to empower these functions.

In fact, Google+ has been boasting among photography aficionados and (mostly digital marketing) professionals, who have created powerful, lively communities that attract “la creme” of their industries. Moreover, over the past year Google+ has been focusing on improving its photo rendering functionalities, another key fact that led to today’s decision.

It’s also clear that Google+ will steer clear from its Hangouts product and it seems plausible to suggest it will now exist as a standalone app.

Is this the end of Google+? Probably. Will it succeed to attract more audience? Let’s see about that. What’s your take?

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