Facebook’s Plan to Take over TV Ads

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Social media users are not watching TV the same way anymore, or at least TV does not have their full focus anymore. This is what Facebook wants to convince their advertising clients.

Truth is that many TV viewers are now sharing and reading on social media while watching TV programs. And Facebook is using this fact to argue the value of TV ads in comparison with advertising on its platform.

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So Facebook has asked its marketing developer parters, or “PMD”s, to pitch their clients on Facebook video ads,  to convince them how their dollars would be much better spent on Facebook Ads rather than buying really expensive TV time.

The following deck that Facebook made for their “PMD”s was leaked out and we can see how the presentation goes to great lengths to convince ad buyers that Facebook is not only a viable alternative to TV advertising, but that it reaches more people than major TV networks can. Yes, according to Facebook, the future of advertising is on… Facebook.

Check out the full presentation used by Facebook:

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