Facebook Is Combining Power Editor And Ads Manager Into One Tool

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Some people always use Ads Manager and some will always prefer Power Editor when advertising on Facebook. Whatever you’ve always chosen, it won’t matter anymore, because the two tools are now becoming one. 

As you can imagine, due to the huge amount of advertising activity on Facebook, the people using both tools range from total amateurs to seasoned online marketers. Very few users are going to take advantage of all the tools or features available on Ads Manager or Power Editor. So why have two tools, when you can just combine the most useful features in both? Well, Facebook realised this.

The company announced this week that it will be combining its two solutions for ads creation, editing, and optimisation into one single powerful tool. With this move, Facebook promises to combine Power Editor’s powerful ad creation and editing features, with the user-friendliness of Ads Manager, to make advertisers’ lives a lot easier. Apart from “levelling the playing field” somehow, it’s also giving many advertisers the opportunity to learn, by forcing them to use features from both solutions. This may change the way some advertisers work and create campaigns –  not necessarily a bad thing.

So, starting this week, all advertisers will start seeing “an updated Ads Manager interface where they previously found Ads Manager or Power Editor.” Of course they are unlikely to get lost, as the updated interface for Ads Manager is familiar, and offers all capabilities from both previous platforms. Advertisers will even be opted into the creation work flow they preferred using up until now – i.e. quick creation or guided creation. Of course they can change this at any time.

While most features will be familiar to all, one is more familiar to advertisers who use Power Editor: working with drafts. In the updated Ads Manager campaigns, ad sets and ads, are automatically saved on Facebook’s servers as drafts. These give advertisers the flexibility to set everything up and then publish later. This entails that advertisers will also need to review changes and then publish them. If they don’t Facebook will still remind them to do so.

Also, the updated Ads Manager will combine all charts and activity history already available in the Power Editor – “breakdowns, summary rows, date benchmarks, exported insights reports and, the ability to customize columns.” Finally, according to a recent Facebook Business post,

Advertisers can now create, manage and view results in one easy to use interface.

Facebook promises that the updated Ads Manager will continue to evolve. The first step is that all changes and updates will happen in one place, instead of two.

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