#BeatTheBuzz Spotlight: The Art Of Attention

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Every other day we hear about all those changes that affect the way our stories are told and projected. Facebook changes its NewsFeed algorithm and introduces reactions, Twitter tweaks the way its timeline functions and Instagram puts adverts every other post.

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And yet, amid all this social media chaos, there are brands and agencies that deliver brave campaigns that succeed in cutting through the noise and elevating their efforts to the highest ranks of visibility and awareness. What is their secret though? Here’s our top 3 tips:

1. In The Zone

You don’t have to speak to everyone. You only have to speak to those that matter. And,  sometimes, those who matter can be counted using the fingers of your single hand. Harvesting their social media influence can bring you all the awareness and amplification you need. Let’s not forget that timelines and newsfeeds may be regarded as the new prime time, however, the rules have changed. We are not on TV, because the audience can choose who stays and who disappears.

2. Hack The Platforms

Images can be an engaging form of content, but they won’t do all the job for you. A smart copy alone may not generate the buzz you need. Social media platforms are first and foremost technology platforms. They are written using *ahem* code. APIs can help you unleash your creativity and find new ways of making a campaign truly interactive. Check out this example and you’ll see what we mean.

3. Budget Right

That is, time and money. There’s a single rule of thumb here: If you don’t have the money to promote, budget time to make the content stand out. Always remember, that it is advisable to have even a small amount of budget aside to promote via adverts, for that little extra boost.

Want to hear more tips from the pros? We are waiting for you on April 14th on our #BeatTheBuzz event.

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