YouTube Kids Goes Live

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With all this technology in our everyday lives, do you think it’s easy to keep kids away from the internet? Surely not. But, with the help of YouTube, it could become more of a kids-friendly place, as the video platform is launching an app designed for kids.

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YouTube Kids is the latest achievement of Google engineers who wanted to offer to young audiences more age-appropriate content. As USA Today reports, the social network is particularly popular among kids, as it offers educational content and visual stimuli. However, with the absence of filters, parents became worried and many of them asked if YouTube could create an app specifically for kids.

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The same reports describe the new app as a lighter version of the YouTube app we know and love, with less distractions. More particularly, kids will not be distracted by comments and the start screen will contain 8 tiles with popular kids shows for easier navigation. If a kid tries to type a suspicious query, then a ‘Not Found’ message will pop up. In addition, the app will include a timer, which will be adjusted by the parents, and will turn off the app after a certain period of time.

wersm youtube kids screenshot start screen

YouTube Kids will be available for Android devices on Feb. 23. Would you try it?

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