WhatsApp Now Has 1 Billion Users Globally

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Two Words. One Billion. That’s how many users WhatsApp has today. The app that Facebook bought in 2014 for 19 billion has turned out to be a real catch, announcing that it now has over one billion users on its service. This follows an announcement a few weeks ago, that not only is it cutting out its subscription altogether, but it promised to also stay fully, ad-free.

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During January, it was announced that WhatsApp had over 990 million users, so if the maths is correct, the app has got roughly 10 million users in less than a month. That’s nothing short of impressive! That’s not the only impressive number here… the announcement goes on to say that those same users generate over 42 billion messages, and send over 1.6 billion photos to each other every single day. Also every day, users share over 250 million videos!


WhatsApp seems to be developing and growing as a team as well (53 new engineers are being hired), but how it will be able to sustain itself is a different story. Without a fee – or any other form of income for that matter – WhatsApp is just a messaging app with many many users. Right?

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Sure, it’s “little brother” Messenger, that has roughly 800 million users is maturing lately, and seems to be becoming something of its own business – even a separate product really. And big Chinese competitor WeChat, does a lot more than both of its western counterparts put together, however Facebook seems to have some pretty big plans. What exactly will remain to be seen in the next few months.

With features such as video calls being currently developed, WhatsApp seems to have a bright future.

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