Vine Founders Launch Hype, A New Live Video App

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Here come the strangest news of the week. Following Twitter’s announcement that it is shutting Vine down, the app’s original founders have announced the launch of Hype, a new live video app for iOS.

Hype comes just a few days after Twitter “ended” Vine, into a space that Facebook and Periscope comfortably occupy, and which Meerkat deserted recently. The same guys who sold Vine to Twitter once upon a time, are now going against Twitter itself. And Facebook. And soon Instagram?  Before we know it, Snapchat is also going to be into live. So, how is Hype to survive?

Well, it has at least one feature the others don’t. For one, a live streamer on Hype can actually add and blend in previously-recorded materials from the iOS device’s camera roll. Perfect for show and tell, right?

Users can also feature comments from their viewers within broadcasts and add music and emojis to the mix. Live. Another cool feature is that a live streamer can use a video as a background. Nice. But… Doesn’t that make things a bit chaotic? Well, constant mashups are an internet culture trend. Who knows… Hype might be targeted at meme subcultures. According to TechCrunch,

The mixed media approach allows for content sharing within a live stream, blending different types of communication and resulting in broadcasts where the live video can be just one element within a rich mix.

Quite a mouthful, I know. How about a broadcast within a circle, square, or triangle? You got it! The gist is that Hype allows almost endless creative possibilities for live streamers broadcasters. And that, is a good thing. Because, to be honest, the competition is stiff. We’ll update you once we’ve tried it.

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