Vine Co-Founder Hints At ‘A Follow-up’ To The Video App

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Vine might have died at the beginning of this year, but one of the app’s co-founders has hinted that he will be working on a follow-up. 

Many people were saddened when Vine died an untimely death at the beginning of 2017. When Twitter officially ended its support of the app and left fans with Vine Camera, a little bit of all of us died as well. A part of internet history – gone. Sure, Twitter also left a repository of all Vine videos for posterity, but what about all those Vine influencers, and their 6-second wonders? Well, they moved on to greener pastures.

Either way, it seems Vine might be coming back in some form or another; last week, one of the app’s co-founders, Dom Hofmann tweeted this:

Of course, Hofmann’s teaser is very general and doesn’t give us any other information as to what he’s thinking, other than he will be funding it himself. Are his words those of a nostalgic co-founder who sold out to one of the big boys for a fraction of what he could’ve gotten 5 years down the line? Another question: What would a “follow-up to Vine” actually look like? Any guesses?

Whether he’s been spurred on by some of Vine‘s diehard fans, or inspired by a big idea, there’s something brewing. Let’s just wait and see.

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