The Top 8 Actions Of Facebook Messenger Users

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Over 800 million people are currently on Facebook Messenger and it is the most popular mobile app around. There are many things people use Messenger for, and soon we will be able to do much more. But what do people do on the platform other than send and receive messages? What else is keeping them busy?

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Well, according to GlobalWebIndex who conducted a poll asking users aged 18-64 on Facebook Messenger what they do most on the platform, there are eight activities including sending messages. Unsurprisingly, 90% of them “sent a message” – but what are the other seven?

Also unsurprisingly 48% or users used the platform to send a photo, and 35% sent a sticker. Even fewer users sent a video (21%) or made a video call (18%). 15% of respondents used Messenger to send a voice recording.

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Messenger is a great communication tool for users or a great customer service tool between users and brands – so much so, that Facebook is being very generous to developers, allowing them to really do a lot with the platform – yet only 15% of users surveyed actually received a message from a brand or company.

GWI explained that,

While receiving a message from a brand or company features at the bottom of our list (15 percent), it underlines the future direction of Messenger. Having recently integrated Uber into its app, the service is following in the footsteps of WeChat in moving beyond a simple peer-to-peer messaging app to become a service-facilitating platform.

In the near future, it’s not unrealistic to see Messenger becoming the one-stop shop for a lot of other things, just like WeChat is right now. Shopping, ordering takeaway, making reservations. You can already order an Uber car through the platform.

What do YOU do on Messenger, and how much more do expect seeing people doing on the platform soon?


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