The Top 5 Social Media Trends Of This Week

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Welcome to the latest edition of this week’s top social media trends! And it’s a lot about Facebook! Creative Hub, Instant Games and a new super easy way to transform your Facebook page into a fully functional website! 

Facebook is the platform for businesses to promote themselves and attract new consumers. It is the largest social network out there and it seems there are few things Facebook is not capable of giving us. I mean Facebook is about networking, video, business, and now even gaming!

And if it’s inspiration you are looking for, take a few minutes to follow these 4 awesome digital artists we have selected for you.

wersm-facebook-creative-hub Facebook Creative Hub: A New Place To Bring Ideas To Life – It’s no secret that “mobile is where it’s at.” This of course extends onto Facebook, with most of its 1.7 billion users visiting the platform from mobile devices. That’s why, the company built Facebook Creative Hub – a new place to bring ideas to live on mobile.
wersm-The-Digital-Artists-You-Need-To-Follow-on-Instagram-Right-Now 4 Digital Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now – One of the privileges of belonging to the generation of social media, is that we get to witness the metamorphosis of art, right on our screens. During this “kafkaesque” period, many digital artists not only look at things through a new prism, but they destroy the prism altogether, to make room for the new wave of “digitalism” – surrealism, utopian feelings, graphic design and mesmerisation.
wersm-facebook-instant-games Facebook Launches Instant Games On Messenger – Instant Games are what Facebook calls “a new HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience.” Designed both for Messenger and Facebook News Feed, optimised for mobile and web. In other words, if you just want to play a simple game, you will be able to “easily discover” and play one on Facebook and Messenger, without actually downloading any additional apps.
wersm-ekko-site-from-facebook-page Create A Website Straight From Your Facebook Page With Ekko – If you’re the owner of a Small/Medium Business, then stop everything you’re doing and prepare to get carried away by this amazing web service! It promises to give your business a website in a matter of minutes! How is this even possible? Well, here’s Ekko, a groundbreaking newcomer that uses your Facebook page as the backbone for your website.
wersm-forget-beats-headphones-social-media-enabled Forget Beats: These Headphones Are Social Media Enabled – If you work out of cafes or open plan offices, you often just want to drown out the noise. What better way to do it, than to put on your headphones and loose yourself in your tunes. Good music is a natural mood enhancer, and so is great sound. So, you want to make sure you use the right equipment.

Tune in next Sunday for a new edition of our weekly social media trends! Enjoy the week ahead!

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