The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Twitter is not doing well. It’s not me saying it, you can read it everywhere. Yet, Twitter can still beat Facebook. It is actually growing faster than the blue giant in Japan. There are no apparent reasons of this, except the one of culture, but Japan is a success that Twitter will certainly try to understand and replicate. And we wish them good luck. Because the world of social media needs that 140-character limit that teaches us to do more with less.

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Facebook, on the other hand, is doing well. The company is even looking into a new monetisation channel with the perspective of bringing ads within our Messenger experience. There is no stopping Facebook, right?

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The fun bit this week, comes from an awesome app called “Being.” The app lets you be someone else on Instagram, literally. You can see what the other person see, follow who they follow, etc… celebrities or not, it’s always fun to be someone else, even for an instant.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-twitter-japan There Is a Country Where Twitter Outpaces Facebook – Good news are rare about Twitter recently. The platform has seen some its worst financial results in Q4, as it is still failing to attract new active users in great numbers. Last week, Jack Dorsey explained how the company was now looking into simplifying its platform, hoping this would help more people understand and use it. Pretty gloomy, huh?
wersm-pew-research-centres-insights-from-10-years-of-social-media-use 6 Major Insights From 10 Years Of Social Media Use – It’s hard to believe, but in only ten years social media have become major parts of our lives. They have brought massive changes to how we communicate, how we work, how we vote, but also to how we think about geographical distance. Other than just their growth, what other notable trends can we identify from 10 years of social media use and their state today
wersm-facebook-card-game-featured Facebook Now Has Its Own Card Game Facebook is already everywhere in our lives, but one area it has yet to reach, was the time when we are offline… Until now, because Facebook has just released a deck of playing cards in the UK. Yes, real playings cards.
wersm-being-for-iphone-cover Be Someone Famous On Instagram Being has a very simple, yet innovative rationale behind its implementation. Using the existing available data it helps you experience and see Instagram as celebrities do. After downloading and installing the app, users have the option to choose their point of view. They can either select to see the feeds of their friends or celebrities or anyone – even that of a random user.
wersm-ads-facebook-messenger Ads Might Be Coming To Facebook Messenger Soon – Ever since Facebook turned Messenger into a platform of its own, we’ve been expecting it to start featuring ads at some point. Apparently, this is actually not so far away actually, because according to a leaked report, ads will be coming to Facebook Messenger soon.

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