The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Guess what? Google Plus is not dead. It even got itself a nice new redesign! And apparently, it might be a huge social lab for Google products, rather than a social network for users.

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Facebook has been busy too, don’t worry. The company is testing 2 new features: sharing “original” posts from pages (which works awesomely for GIFs) and a nice add-on that lets you make everything disappear from your exes once you change your relationship status.

We also shared a great piece of research that shows how shorter copy will benefit your CTR on Facebook. And guess what, it makes sense!

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm_google_advertising Google Plus Is Dead, Long Live (The New) Google Plus – It has been proclaimed dead, named a failure, criticised deeply. Yet, Google+ – or shall I say “Google Plus” – is still around. In fact, it just got its first major redesign since it was launched in 2011. So, “long live” (the new) Google Plus?
wersm-instagram-400-million Instagram Has Shut Down Access To Its API – This change goes hand in hand with the updated privacy policy issued by Instagram, which will help brands, users and developers better understand how the platform works and get acquainted with its regulations and restrictions.
wersm-facebook-share-original Now You Can Share “Original Posts” From Facebook Pages – This may not sound very new at first, because, yes, you have been able to share posts from Facebook Pages before. But guess what, you have never been able to share “original” posts before. And this is a BIG update, especially for GIFs. Don’t worry this will all make sense soon.
wersm-click-through-magic-mouse Shorter Copy Generates Higher CTR on Facebook NPR‘s Digital metrics analyst, Dan Frohlich, recently conducted a studylooking into over 3000 link posts that were published on their Facebook page. Dan analysed and compared the posts performance based on the length of the copy used to share the links on Facebook.
wersm-broken-love-egg No More Break Up Drama With The Help Of Facebook Facebook is all about connecting people. But sometimes life happens, and you don’t want to keep on seeing the updates from your exes. Until now, there was little to no choice: you had to block or unfriend someone. That was up until now though, because Facebook has now come up with a solution.

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