The Impact Of Social Media In Travel Advertising

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Every year, the travel industry turns more and more digital and big firms are now considering allocating a big chunk of their advertising budget to social media. And it seems they are right to do so.

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Expedia, one of the leading online travel company has looked into how the travel industry should plan their advertising for 2015, and especially into the impact social media can have for the industry. The results were put together in a very insightful infographic.

Key Points To Take Away

  • – In 2015, social and video will know the fastest growth in travel advertising
  • – Tourism professionals largely rely on Facebook to promote their business (84%)
  • – 45% of marketers in the travel industry already use Twitter lead generation card
  • – Tourism marketers find social media especially effective to generate brand awareness
  • Twitter Cards will attract the most focus from the travel industry for 2015
  • – 12% of travel businesses already use targeting or retargeting techniques to promote themselves

Now look at the infographic from Expedia Media Solutions which shows how the industry should approach advertising in 2015:


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