Take Off – The Smart Scheduling App For Instagram

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If you ask anyone about Instagram, they will all tell you how awesome it is. If you ask any social media manager what is missing on Instagram, they will also all tell you the same: being able to switch between accounts (like with Twitter) and being able to schedule posts.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet anything planned to let users switch between accounts on Instagram. However, for the latter, we have a great new way for you to schedule posts on Instagram. It is called Take Off.

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Take Off is a great new tool coming from the developers behind CrowdFire (the app that lets you manage your Twitter followers, formally known has justunfollow.com) and the app already counts more than 800,000 users.

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Take Off is not like other attempts that were made at scheduling Instagram posts. It does it in a smart manner. To start with, Take Off is available as an app for your phone – both iOS and Android.

Take Off Comes With Very Smart Features

On top of that, the app is full of very smart features. With “Scientific Best-Time” it automatically schedule your Instagram posts for times when they’ll be seen by most of your followers. And in case you were left wondering what hashtags could really boost your engagement level, “Tag Them Smart” will analyse your caption and suggest relevant, high discovery hashtags.

If you’re out of inspiration, Take Off will also give you access to high quality, CC-licensed photo suggestions to keep your Instagram active.


And the best one: with Take Off, you don’t have to do it on your own anymore. You can add clients or team members to help you review, create and post content on your Instagram profile.

Get Take Off Now (it’s FREE):

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