Social Brand Advocates – How to Reward Them

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Social media have proved to be the ultimate platform that brands were waiting for, to really get into Advocacy marketing techniques. Brand advocates are people, regular people, who will spread awareness and promote products or services in a more personal way. Some even say that brand advocacy is the way to pass a brand’s marketing effort onto its own customers. And this customer empowerment is actually great news!

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Brand advocates require a well prepared strategy to identify, recruit and activate them. But even then, you will need to keep them motivated in order to have a longer-lasting activation that will really benefit your brand.

Of course advocates love your brand and this is the main reason why they accepted to play the game, and to represent you out there on Social media. Of course they are proud to be your ambassadors. But still, you will have to reward them to keep them going.

Our opinion is that advocates should never be paid. Especially when there are many other ways to reward and motivate them even more!

Take a look at the Top 10 Ways to Reward Brand Advocates, as prepared by Zuberance, one of the leading Brand Advocacy agency in the world. It is basically all about making your brand advocates feeling special to you and their friends:

  1. Sneak Peaks – let them see your new products or services before everyone else
  2. Special Events – for advocates only, build that feeling of being special
  3. Exclusive offers – for them and their friends
  4. Early access – share your content with them before everyone gets to see it
  5. Ask for their opinion – they will love the idea you want to listen to them
  6. Company leaders – give your advocates the opportunity to meet and discuss with your top executives
  7. Non-profit – make donations on their behalf
  8. VIP – give them VIP services and access to your products
  9. Importance – let them know how much they matter to you
  10. Honor them – Showcast them at every opportunity

Top 10 Way to Reward Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are the new way to market and promote end-customer products. I personally was one of the first to manage brand advocacy programs locally and I can confirm that this really works. Try it.

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