Say Hello To Facebook Messenger Chat Extensions

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Facebook announced Chat Extensions at its F8 developers conference earlier this year, but now they are here for you to use. 

Chat Extensions – announced at F8 – are a new type of Messenger bot that give you access to more content on the platform. For example, they can serve you content from large publishers like CNN, The WSJ or ABC news. But they are also about more than content from publishers. They integrate with your Messenger conversations and many people can interact with them them at the same time.

For example, you can now send Spotify songs and listen to them within Messenger, or look for a restaurant and/or book a table using the OpenTable Chat Extension. Brands that are using the feature currently include the aforementioned like Spotify and OpenTable, but also theScore, Food Network, the NBA, The Wall Street Journal and Kayak, with many more to come.

Vice president of messaging products at Facebook, David Marcus, provided an update on how Chat Extensions work.

We recently announced Chat Extensions, enabling multiple people to chat with the same business at the same time. Here’s how it works: tap the plus (+) icon to see the Chat Extension options. From there, you can select which one to add to your group.

Have you used them yet?

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