#RuleTheRoad Sends VW Fans On A Superb Instagram Scavenger Hunt

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After stealing the show in Volkswagen’s popular Tiguan TV campaign, the Kong-style gorilla balloon is now inviting you on a wacky Instagram scavenger hunt. Can you #RuleTheRoad?

It’s called “Rule the Road” and it’s a game played on Instagram. This scavenger hunt game invites you to a race through the city, looking for the new 2018 Tiguan until October 5. There are daily clues dispatched on the platform, and you are supposed to find the new Tiguan, hidden within this busting Google-map like city. The rules are simple: find the right car, submit a screenshot  to win prizes, including a 10-day trip to San Francisco, Miami, or New York.

The game map is built out of Instagram’s carousel tiles that contain lots of animated content. It definitely is entertaining. From a heated coffee-house debate, a trip to the zoo, a visit with construction workers high above ground… the game features many characters (including the wacky gorilla balloon of course) and several editions of the Volkswagen Tiguan… Here is the thing though… only one of these is the new 2018 Tiguan.

The whole game, like many other Instagram creative campaigns, plays with the Instagram grid… so it might look really weird for some users who already have the platform’s new “four-across” photo grid…

Deutsch for the VW Tiguan
Rule the Road – Instagram Experience
LIVE date 09.15.17

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