Remember MySpace? It’s Alive And Kicking!

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Remember MySpace, the social network that many of us joined before Facebook even existed? Well, despite what you maybe think, it is still around and it is actually doing quite well!

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Some may have buried MySpace a bit too fast, it seems. The platform brought in an amazing 50 million unique visitors in the US in November. That represents an incredible 575% increase over the same period a year earlier, according to Tim Vanderhook, CEO of Viant Inc, the holding that owns MySpace.

Not only that, MySpace is now considered one of the top platforms generating traffic among the lucrative 17-25 y.o. target audience! Talk about a come back!

How did MySpace Resuscitate?

So how did MySpace managed to come back to light? Well, when the platform was bought by Viant Inc. back in 2011, years of Facebook success had left little to no activity on MySpace.

But in early 2013, MySpace reinvented itself as THE social platform for music and entertainment. This decision saved MySpace and it is clearly responsible for the new life of the platform today.

MySpace - homepage today

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Helped A Lot Too

That is the other reason. While MySpace is clearly focused on music and entertainment today, it never got rid of its “older” content.

For many, MySpace was our first social network, the first online community where we shared… a lot of photographs. And although most stopped being active on their account, our pictures stayed there, ready to be uncovered.

Then a new trend came out of the more current social networks: Throwback Thursdays (#TBT). You know, when every Thursday, millions of social media users rush to post an old photo of themselves and their friends? Well, a lot of these old photos are being pulled out from MySpace, and this greatly contributed to bringing the platform back in centre stage.

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Did you use to have a MySpace account in the early days? How have you been treating it lately? Or maybe you are involved in the music and entertainment nowadays and are highly active on the platform? We’d love to hear from you!

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