Now You Can Ask Your Friends’ Personal Info on Facebook

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Facebook continues on its quest to learn more about its users and get them to share more and more information. But this time, it will not ask you directly. Instead, Facebook will count on your friends to ask.

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A few days ago, Facebook rolled out an update on personal profiles allowing friends to request you to share more information on your Facebook profile. For example, you can ask a friend to tell you where he is from, or what his phone number or email is. This is great as many users do not usually share their real contact information on Facebook and this might help you get in touch with someone you really want to do business with.

Simply go on the “about” page of your friend’s profile. From there you can request any information that says” Ask for…”.


Once you ask your friend, he/she will receive a notification of your request. Then the choice is theirs to share this information only with you, or with all their friends.


In their turn, the friend who made the request will be notified when the information is made available.

This is a great move by Facebook which will, no doubt, enrich its database and the relationships between users.

How do you feel about this?

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