Facebook Adds New Ad Targeting Features

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Facebook has just made it easier for advertisers to target new audiences in other countries, as well as to target people who viewed their Canvas Ads. 

Just last week Facebook introduced an update to its lookalike audiences tool, allowing advertisers to target users in other countries, similar to users in the countries they already target. If an advertiser wants to expand to different countries, this is exactly the way to go forward.

To use the new feature, advertisers can upload lists of existing customers – just like they do with creating custom audiences from an email list. Naturally, the people on these lists should be more relevant to the objective for which the advertiser is about to target. So, it would be better to create a lookalike audience from a list of highly engaged customers rather than customers who barely use a service.

Advertisers using the Website Conversions or Mobile App Installs objectives can also now use several extended location targeting options – regions and trade zones for example. Facebook’s ad delivery system will optimise delivery to specific countries within those. To help advertisers work with global targeting and to  expand their targeting, Facebook is also launching international marketing webinars and a handbook.

In addition to the above, Facebook is now allowing brands to target users who have viewed their Canvas ads. They do this as usual, through the creation of custom audiences.

Do you have the new features yet? If so, have you used them yet?

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