Linkedin – 8 Out Of 10 Most Popular Job Titles Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

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LinkedIn examined over 259,000,000 profiles in its database and created a great infographic about the most popular job titles that didn’t even exist back in 2008. What’s even more impressive is that 8 out of 10 jobs created the past 5 years belong to the digital world. As far as the other 2 are concerned, they’re completely irrelevant, but they do show the newly-formed lifestyle trends. Some things we pointed out:

  • First 2 posts are occupied by iOS and Android Developer Job Title. This is another that signifies the turn towards mobile.
  • Social Media Interns are placed 4th. More and more people are looking for an opportunity to enter the digital and social media marketing space, participating in interships; Seems like traditional marketing studies do not cover everything!
  • Data and Big Data are on the list. Manipulation, analysis and infrastructure design that will shelter all web info is on the rise.

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Have a look:


What’s your Job title?

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