Liam Neeson Will Find You And Endorse You On LinkedIn

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Liam Neeson, the gravelly-voiced actor has come long way from his first steps on the screen in 1978’s Pilgrim’s Process… You can’t but ignore his recent tough-guy image. As the meme goes, wherever you are, “he will find you… and kill you”.

I just saw an ad for his new film, Taken 3 which will be released in January. Where did I see the said ad? Any guesses? On LinkedIn!

The ad is part of the promotion for the new film and it takes advantage of the professional social network in a way never seen before. Who would have thought that LinkedIn is a place for a movie ad, no less for an entire social campaign for a movie. Imagine trying to convince your client to sign off on it…

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Either way, the place for people to share and promote their skills, is LinkedIn, so I am not going to make fun of the idea. After all, it’s a gutsy move and the implementation also counts. Liam Neeson ( aka Brian Mills) has a very special and sought-after set of skills, and he is out there looking to endorse yours.

First, you will have see the video. You can find it below from YouTube, or on the film’s LinkedIn page. The rest is up to you. ;-)

Brian Mills has the skills… contract negotiation, international relations, transportation logistics, multiparty conflict resolution, the recovery of valuable assets… he obviously shows us in the trailer for Taken 3… on LinkedIn. What are yours skills? Are you ready to showcase them to the world? If you are the lucky one, Brian Mills will review and endorse “your particular set of skills”.

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