Instagram Stories Can Now Be Saved To Your Profile

by • December 6, 2017 • Breaking News, InstagramComments Off on Instagram Stories Can Now Be Saved To Your Profile6610

In an unexpected twist, Instagram is now letting you archive Stories and pin them to your profile, where they can be seen forever.

What if Instagram just changed the game all over again? Stories were born as a type of ephemeral content that required to be seen within 24 hours before disappearing. Now, the platform is letting users archive and pin Stories to their profile page. And there is no limit to how many Stories you can create and save this way.

Therefore, these awesome instant photos and videos can now live forever.


Of course, this is a good move for brands, influencers, and other celebrities. Until now, any budget invested in a Story had a 24-hour window to generate ROI or fulfil any KPI decided by the brand. The change will certainly position Stories as an alternative to simply posting branded content on an Instagram feed.

With that said, Stories – unless pinned – will continue to disappear after 24 hours and remain one of the top ephemeral content forms out there. It’s your choice.

I’m sure the creative team behind the Bacardi Instagram DJ Story wished they had had this feature back then – instead of having to re-upload the whole Story every 24 hours.

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